De-Fence System

De-Fence Max

De-Fence Max is a high security fencing system designed for front line physical perimeter protection, whilst simultaneously allowing a clear line of sight for CCTV monitoring and electronic detection systems. The high strength welded mesh panels are manufactured with narrow apertures secured to the posts by use a of unique interlocking fixing system, designed to create a seamless join along the entire length of the post for maximum strength and rigidity. The modular system allows for a range of extensions to be installed to enhance security, including spikes, razor wire and electric fencing.


De-Fence Panels



De-Fence Posts



De-Fence Mid System

De-fence mid system

De-Fence Mid is a medium security fencing system designed to be unobtrusive and practical. Ideal for commercial property perimeters such as garages and fast food drive through outlets where shopfront visibility and access control is important. The high tensile welded mesh panels are secured by a customised bracket system that is tamper proof and easy to assemble.

The De-Fence Mid is a worthy alternative to the traditional steel palisade with the added advantages namely its visual appeal, ease of installation and its lower cost. De-Fence Mid may be upgraded to a high security system by attaching lines of electric fence and incorporating a detection system.

De-Fence Mid Panels


De-Fence Mid Posts



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